DVP #104 | Petr Talks About Some Very Interesting Water-Based Drone Shoots | Shooting on The Mississippi River | Tips For Shooting Over Water

  In this episode Petr talks about a trip to Louisiana where he shot some drone footage on the Mississippi River. Read More »

DVP #102 | Interdrone 2016 Wrap-Up | DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma – First Looks | Be Sure To Read The FAA Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) Before You Fly

DroneVibes Podcast DJI Mavic GoPro Karma Episode 102

  In this episode Petr gives us a wrap-up of this visit to the Interdrone 2016 (www.interdrone.com)  show and talks about all the very cool new drone technology that was on display. WATCH THE VIDEO INTERVIEWS HERE We also take a first look at two new VERY Popular drones: DJI Mavic Pro and the GoPro Karma Lastly, Petr talks about ... Read More »

DVP #101 – UPDATED | We Discuss The Pix4D Drone Mapping Software | Question From A Listener About Our Flight Log Preferences

DroneVibes Podcast Pix4D Drone Mapping Software

This week we talk about the Pix4D Drone Mapping Software (www.pix4d.com).  We also discuss a question from a listener in Australia who wanted to know what our flight log preferences are. Below is a video that Petr talked about on the podcast… Using Drones for 3D site Modeling: 3D Model of Archaeological Site, created with DJI Phantom 4 Drone and ... Read More »

DVP #100 | Celebrating 100 Episodes – Recording From The Lake With Phantom Video | Drone Deploy And 3D Surveying From Drone

DroneVibes Podcast Episode 100

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  100 EPISODES! This week we start the episode off with something different, recording from my boat on a lake while being followed and videoed from a Phantom 4.  See the video below. Back in the studio, Petr talks about a solar field survey job that he used Drone Deploy for and we discuss a variety ... Read More »

DVP #099 | 2016 Drone Nationals Coverage and Interviews | We interview Horizon Hobby, BH Photo Video, Connex by Amimom, Hobby King, Steel Davis, Get FPV, Thunder Power, and Drone Designer App

DroneVibes Podcast - Drone Nationals

Petr and Erick spent the final day of the DSA Drone Nationals in New York City on Governor’s Island getting interviews for our listeners and YouTube followers from various vendors and we had a special interview with Rotor Riot pilot, Steel Davis.   We will be adding the video versions of these interviews in the upcoming days as we get ... Read More »

DVP #098 | In Depth Look At the DJI Matrice 100 | DJI X5 Camera System | Voicemails From Our Listeners

DJI Matrice - DroneVibes Podcast

This week Petr got the DJI X5 Camera installed on the Matrice and we talk about how it flies as well as an in-depth look at the highly-talked about X5 Camera System. We also take some time to play and answer some listener voicemails.     Read More »

DVP #096 | DJI Phantom 4 Review After Months Of Use | Introducing the DJI Matrice 100

DroneVibes Podcast DJI Phantom 4

This episode we discuss the DJI Phantom 4 now that Petr has several months of use under his belt flying this machine for both business and pleasure.  We also got a Matrice 100 from DJI which is turning out to be an amazing development platform.  We go over the unique features of this machine and talk about our plans with ... Read More »

DVP #095 | DroneVibes Podcast Is Now On Video | Interview with Micah Burnside – Using Drone Deploy for Search and Rescue and Disaster Area Mapping

Dronevibes podcast - Micah Burnside

This is a historic episode as it is the first time we are releasing an episode in video form in addition to the audio podcast.  The video format will allow us to show our audience items that we are talking about as well as highlighting guest video. This week we feature an interview with Micah Burnside where he talks about ... Read More »

DVP #094 | Advice On Choosing The Best Drone For Your Application (Business, Fun or FPV)

This week we discuss our tips and advice on choosing the best drone for your application, whether you are flying for fun, business or FPV, we give you a bunch of information on things to consider when making your purchase.   Read More »

QTP #023 | Quad Talk Podcast – Cornell Herg

DroneVibes Podcast - Quad Talk Podcast - Cornell Herg

In this episode, Cornell Herg of DRONEFLUX.COM visits the Quad Talk studio and has a very interesting conversation with VonQuad and KaNoodle about his revolutionary website DroneFlux. Cornell’s vision is that his simplification of the online FPV retail store will provide you with everything that you will need to take your ideas to the sky. DRONEPROZ.COM /FPVACES.COM / VUEXL.COM / ... Read More »