DVP #095 | DroneVibes Podcast Is Now On Video | Interview with Micah Burnside – Using Drone Deploy for Search and Rescue and Disaster Area Mapping

Dronevibes podcast - Micah Burnside

This is a historic episode as it is the first time we are releasing an episode in video form in addition to the audio podcast.  The video format will allow us to show our audience items that we are talking about as well as highlighting guest video. This week we feature an interview with Micah Burnside where he talks about ... Read More »

MRP #094 | Advice On Choosing The Best Drone For Your Application (Business, Fun or FPV)

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This week we discuss our tips and advice on choosing the best drone for your application, whether you are flying for fun, business or FPV, we give you a bunch of information on things to consider when making your purchase.   Read More »

QTP #023 | Quad Talk Podcast – Cornell Herg

DroneVibes Podcast - Quad Talk Podcast - Cornell Herg

In this episode, Cornell Herg of DRONEFLUX.COM visits the Quad Talk studio and has a very interesting conversation with VonQuad and KaNoodle about his revolutionary website DroneFlux. Cornell’s vision is that his simplification of the online FPV retail store will provide you with everything that you will need to take your ideas to the sky. DRONEPROZ.COM /FPVACES.COM / VUEXL.COM / ... Read More »

DVP #093 | SPECIAL EPISODE – FAA AND DOT Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Part 107) – YES You Will Soon Be Able To Fly Commercially Without A Section 333 | Interviews with Drone Lawyers, Steve Hogan and Peter Sachs

  YES you heard it right!  The FAA has released, just hours ago, the Rules For Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems entitled Part 107.  This has finally paved the way for commercial operations for drone pilots without the need for a Section 333.   In this episode we breakdown the 107 and talk to drone lawyers, Steve Hogan and Peter Sachs. ... Read More »

DVP #092 | An Interview With Loretta Alkalay – Aviation Attorney And Regulatory Consultant To Airmen


An Interview with: Loretta Alkalay An aviation attorney and regulatory consultant to airmen and aviation entities specializing in issues related to compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations and international air safety standards.  She is also an adjunct professor at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology where she teaches Drone Law, International Air Law, Aviation Safety and other courses. Previously, she was an attorney for ... Read More »

DVP #091 | Petr Interviews Kanoodle And They Talk About FPV Racing And The IDRA Arizona Race

Dronevibes Podcast - Kanoodle Quad Talk Podcast

This week Petr interviews Kanoodle from the Quad Talk Podcast and they discuss the IDRA Arizona FPV race. For more information on Kanoodle and the Quad Talk Podcast, please visit www.quadtalkpodcast.com   Read More »

DVP #090 | Petr Is Shooting Steam Trains | Best Ways to Price Your Jobs

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This week Petr was shooting the Essex Steam Train in CT as part of a movie production and he talks about how he got the shots.  Also we discuss a very common question… How do you price your jobs? Read More »

DVP #089 | Capturing Video of Whales Off Coast of Massachusetts | Traveling With Your Drones on Commercial Airlines

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Petr spent the Memorial Day Holiday weekend shooting whales that were schooled off the coast of Massachusetts – he discusses his experience and how he got the shots. We also discuss how to travel on commercial airlines with your drones – some tips and tricks to ensure you and your gear arrive safely.   Read More »

DVP #088 | Interview With Chad Kapper From Rotor Riot – We Discuss Flite Test, The Rotor DR1 Movie and Rotor Riot


  This episode we are excited to have Chad Kapper on the podcast.  Chad was the founder of Flite Test (www.flitetest.com).  After selling Flite Test to Lauren International, Chad went on to produce the motion picture ROTOR DR1 (www.rotordr1.com) and he is now on to his current project, Rotor Riot (www.rotorriot.com).       LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Flite Test ... Read More »

QTP #022 | Quad Talk Podcast – Zach Thayer

Quad Talk Podcast - Dronevibes network - Zach Thayer

In this episode, Zach Thayer aka “A_Nub” of Team Big Whoop and Team Rebel crashes into the Quad Talk Podcast studio and discusses with VonQuad & KaNoodle how he quit his day job as a software engineer to become a full time professional FPV racing pilot and quadcopter frame designer. www.teambigwhoop.com www.rebelminiquads.com   Read More »