MRP #002: Flying Fun With Kids | DJI Ground Station | Blade 350 QX | Telemetry | GPS Tracking | Prop Balancing

This week on the MultiRotor Podcast Joe and Erick talk about flying with Erick’s kids and their experiences with the DJI Ground Station. Erick’s daughter, Abby, is 8 years old and after spending 15-20 minutes with Joe, she was able to successfully program the Ground Station flight after flight proving that the application is as easy as it is intutive. Erick and his son, Daniel, got a ton of flights in on the Blade 350 QX and he talks about how easy the machine is to fly as well as many other outstanding features of the model. Erick and Joe also discuss FPV and the FatShark video goggles after Erick added a FatShark camera and video transmitter to a Blade 350 QX and used it as an FPV trainer.

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Multirotor Podcast - DJI Ground Station 1

Joe and Erick’s daughter, Abby, are programming waypoints on DJI’s Ground Station’s app.


Multirotor Podcast - DJI Ground Station 2

Abby is ready to hit the “GO” button to watch her autonomous flight.


Multirotor Podcast - DJI Ground Station 3

A high-five signals a successful flight and a very excited 8-year old.


MultiRotor Podcast Blade 350 QX 1

Erick’s son, Daniel, is having a blast flying the Blade 350 QX.


MultiRotor Podcast Blade 350 QX 2

Erick’s balancing the Blade 350 QX on his finger proving how stable the GPS hold on the machine is.

Products mentioned in this episode:

In this episode they also discussed some hot new products on the market including the DJI Ronin handheld gimbal, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision +, Zero UAV Octocopter for the Canon 5D MarkIII and the Drone Mods UAV Locator. The links to the items mentioned are:


UAV Direct Zero Tech UAV for Canon 5D MarkIII

Drone Mods UAV Locator

In the tip of the week, Joe talks about the importance of prop balancing and how to get perfectly balanced props with the Dubro Prop Balancer.

Dubro Prop Balancer

This weeks questions led to discussions on Telemetry options for your multirotor and how to achieve very clean and stable video.  Items mentioned are:

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