MRP #003 : All About FPV | DJI Vision 2+ | Hobby King Rotorbits | Preventing Fly-Aways | Maintaining Orientation

This week on the Multirotor Podcast, Erick and Joe talk about FPV and all the equipment that you need to do it correctly. There are a lot of questions that noobs have pertaining to cameras, antennas, video transmitters, monitors and more.  They go over everything you need to know to get started as well as discuss advanced topics for your seasoned FPV’ers.  Erick got a change to fly the new DJI Phantom Vision 2+ and he shared his initial impression on this feature-packed machine.

There are some very cool new products discussed in this episode including the new’s new aircraft , HobbyKing Rotorbits, and HobbyKing’s Apache OSD.

This weeks TIP OF THE WEEK is brought to you by  Erick and Joe discuss tips and tricks on maintaining proper orientation of your mutlirotor machine using LEDs.

This week’s questions talk about Fly-aways; things you can do to avoid problems with your flight controller that can case fly-aways and crashes. They also discuss whether or not you should use Deans connectors for each ESC on your multirotor.

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Links to products and companies mentioned in this episode:

DJI Phantom Vision 2+ - Petr Hejl

Fatshark Attitude FPV Goggles

HobbyKing OSD

HobbyKing Rotorbits

Eagle Tree Systems Eagle Eyes

cinemizer oled

Black Armored Drone

HobbyKing Receiver Switch





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