MRP #006 : All About LiPo Batteries | Lumenier QAV 250 | X Aircraft Super X Flight Controller | DJI Lightbridge | RC Technik Sticks For The Futaba 14SG

In this episode, based on a listener’s request, we have an in depth discussion on LiPo batteries for multirotors. We talk about everything from what they are and how to properly and safely use them, to charging, storage and disposal. This discussion is a must for anyone just getting into multirotors. We discussed some great new products that we are testing including the X Aircraft Super X flight controller, the Mobius Action Cam, the DJI Lightbridge, RC Technik Sticks for the Futaba 14SG and the Lumenier QAV250 FPV Mini Quad.

This weeks TIP OF THE WEEK is brought to you by  Joe talks about how to properly balance your multirotor.

This week’s questions talk about physical multirotor size limitations for the DJI Naza-M flight controller, why some multirotors are designed with dehidral in the arms and motors fixed at an angle, and onboard GPS solutions.

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  1. Great podcast tonight fellas.. 🙂

  2. I just listened to all your episodes while traveling to and from a video shoot in Marin County and Napa valley with my 2-operator S1000 & 5DMII.

    Please keep publishing!

    I’ve got some questions to email you when I get back to my office. I hope there is a new show popping up in my podcast app soon.

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