MRP #008 : We Got to Fly the World’s First Aerial Chicken Wing Delivery | Gryphon Dynamics 1400mm X8 | DJI Lightbridge | T-Motor U7s | Sky-Hero Spyder 6 Quad

We are very sorry that this episode did not come out sooner.  We have been going through some structural changes with the podcast which in the upcoming weeks will be very exciting and will allow this podcast to offer more to our listeners. 

In this episode Joe and Erick talk about their experience working with Silent Partner Marketing out of Manchester, CT on performing the World’s first aerial chicken delivery by drone with the use of a Sky-Hero Spyder quad. Joe talks about his new Gryphon Dynamics 1400mm X8 heavy-lift quad and its use of the T-Motor U7s.  Joe also has some more to talk about with the DJI Lightbridge since his first experience.

Watch the video of the World’s first aerial chicken wing delivery HERE

See Joe on the news talking about the chicken wing delivery HERE



  1. PHANTOM vision + 2 fly away! I’m working with DJI now. I did everything right. GPS lock, flying in GPS, EVERYTHING Calibrated, etc. My question is , what’s the odds They send me a replacement?! Do they actually do this? My fingers are crossed!

    found your show! Love it. Thanks Tony

    • DJI has been known to offer 1/2 price replacements. But i am honestly not sure what they will do. I had a FC40 fly away and they said they would work with the dealer to replace it but that was 6 months ago and I still have not heard anything. Their products are amazing but their service and support can be taxing.

  2. Yikes Ok… now I need to watch this video 🙂

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