MRP #009 : Joe’s Trip to St. Lucia for a Red Epic Shoot | DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter | DJI H3-3D Gimbal | FlySight FPV Combo | Flight Simulators | Flying over water

Joe and Erick discuss the new direction of the show and how it will benefit the listeners. Joe went to St. Lucia to shoot a large infomercial for a resort with a Red Epic camera. They review the Phantom 2 from DJI along with the H3-3D Brushless Gimbal for the the GoPro Hero 3.  They discuss tip on flying over water, setting your declination and using flight simulators.


Airplane lipo fire –¬†

Phantom Tip – Dont tighten long prop guard screws without the prop guards on as you will ruin the motors

Phantom 2 with H3-3D

Flysight FPV combo


Empire RC

Phoenix Flight Simulator

Realflight Simulator



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