MRP #010 : Shooting BMW Commercial | DJI Ronin | Understanding Vantage Points | Using Spotters | Knowing Your Limits | OSD and Telemetry | Retracts vs. Crablegs

In this episode Joe and Erick talk about the stresses and challenges of a large, high-end production shoot for a BMW commercial. They get into specific details about understanding your limits as a pilot and how to convey them to the director/client. They also talk about picking the best vantage points and using spotters. Joe recently reviewed the new DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal for The Multirotor Pilot magazine and they talk about this amazing piece of hardware. They respond to a reader’s question about using retracts vs. crablegs and the Tip Of The Week talks about how much of necessity using OSD and/or Telemetry is for monitoring what is going on with your copter.


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