MRP #012: SPECIAL UPDATE on DJI A2 Firmware Release 2.4 and Assistant Version 1.4 – Listen Before Installing

PLEASE LISTEN BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW A2 Firmware – Current as of November 13, 2014

When we test flew the new Gaui MRT 1300mm Octocopter with the new release of DJI’s A2 firmware we noticed two REAL problems:

  1. The motor startup speed was very aggressive and even when turned down all the way in DJI’s Assistant software, the startup speed of the motors is enough to cause the copter to lunge into the air or flip to one side.
  2. To avoid this problem we hand launched the copter and it began to yaw continuously causing a hard landing.  We were not able to prevent the yaw.

We checked and double checked the firmware settings and everything was corrent.  There is a lot of talk on the forums about this problem as well.

We ended up reverting back to the previous verison of the software until we can verify that DJI has resolved the problem.

UPDATE… We spoke to KDE Direct and they just reinstalled the firmware (same version) and they did not see any problem, but this was a bench test and they have not flown as of yet.

Our advice is to listen to this podcast and be careful!

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