MRP #015: Drone Vibes App | KDE Multirotor Motors | Gaui 1300mm Octocopter | Gaui 950mm X8 Quad | RC Sense E-Fuel Gauge Telemetry Sensor

Santa delivered this year and under the Multirotor Podcast tree; new high-end microphones and a new digital recorder. This episode is recorded with our new gear and hopfully you agree that the audio quality is signficantly better.  This week we talk about our new app which was just released…Drone Vibes.  The app was designed to help you minimize the vibration in your multirotor. We offer a phone clip that will allow you to attach your phone to the booms on your copter safely and securely to ensure the best readings.  We had a lot of experience over the last few weeks with some new motors from KDE Direct. We just tested the new Gaui 950G X8 quad that has a AUW lifting capacity that will exceed 50 pounds with flight times over 15 minutes. Lastly we discuss a new E-fuel gauge sensor that gives current draw readings and transmits them to your s.bus Futaba radio via telemetry.



KDE Direct:

DRONE VIBES: Download from ITunes




  1. Man, am I glad you guys are back! Excellent show, as always. On another subject, is there a way to give one of you a call to go over some questions I have about a custom quad/hex/octo build? For you, it’ll be real basic stuff, but I have to go into some detail that is better suited to a live conversation than an email. At your convenience, of course.


    Fred Morton

  2. You need to compair the 1300mm K130 by foxtech to the to the one you did the artical on.
    K130 I feel is lot more heavy duty. Just look at the bottom plate and pivot for arms, motor mounts

    Also it can carry red no problem.
    Thanks for all that you do.

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