MRP #017 |FAA’s Proposed Regulations for UAS Discussion in Detail | Flying Niagra Falls with a Blade 350 QX3

On sunday February 15, 2015, the FAA called a special meeting to discuss the new Proposed regulations for UAS. The 74 page document was released later that day and it contained a summary of the highlights which we discuss in detail with the help of special guest Petr Hejl. These new proposed regulations mark a turning point for our industry as they have the interests of pilots who wish to fly their UAS or mulitrotors for commercial use.  Many have been worried that the FAA was leaning to ban UAS, but these new proposed regulations show a much different light. While it can be a year or more before these become final regulations, it is certainly a step in the right direction.   Additionally, while we had Petr on the mic, we talked about his flights over Niagara Falls and his ability to finally cross that off his bucket list.


  1. In listening to your show, I think you missed the reason for having 3 miles of visibility. Three miles of visibility is the standard for most VFR aviation.This is the visibility you need for two aircraft heading toward each other to be able to see and avoid each other. If you are flying your UAV line of sight and you are 1/4 mile away and the visibility is 1/4 mile, you won’t be able to see past your aircraft. Thus you would be unable to “see and avoid” other incoming aircraft that are beyond your aircraft.

  2. Thanks guys, love the podcast. This is great new from the FAA which should allow us reasonable access to an industry about to explode. It was very nice meeting you at the WRAM show in NJ. Keep up the great work, but give us more!

  3. I’ve been out of reach of the internet for a few weeks and hadn’t heard of the FAA’s proposed regulations. Your podcast gave me an excellent overview of the proposal. I also want to compliment you on the overall tone, which was refreshingly moderate and reasonable. There is so much anger and hysteria in the UAV community related to the FAA — keep up the good work, I’ll be listening.

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