MRP #039 | Man Shoots Drone From Air | New DJI Inspire One Firmware | BaseFlight/CleanFlight | Flight Modes Explained Part 1 | DJI Matrice | Dromida Vista

This week we start off by discussing a big news item where a man was arrested for shooting a drone out of the sky that was flying over his property with a shotgun.  Crazy!  Joe talks about his recent experience with Cleanflight and the new autotune feature.  Dji just released new firmware with a lot of upgrades for the DJI Inspire One and we discussed those upgrades.  We talk about the new Dromida Vista quadcopter. We also talked about part one of our two part series on Flight modes.

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  1. Hey guys, love the podcast. Was listening to this episode and just wanted to clarify something regarding Joes description of how to Autotune. He mentioned after going through the steps to tune the role and pitch PIDs, to then land. He mentioned to “disarm the motors and toggle the switch from off to on and back to off. ” The important part here is that the switch mentioned is the auto tune switch you have setup. Also if a beeper is attached the board will sound when ready to transition from roll, to pitch, and even on confirmation that the PIDs have been stored. This can be hard to hear while in the air with motors going.
    That may have been painfully obvious but I too have had issues getting this to stick so thought I would further clarify.

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