MRP #040 | Flight Modes Explained Part 2 – APM 3DR Modes | Do You Need Drone Insurance | 5 Ways to Keep Yourself OUT of the Headlines | The Soloshot

This week we continue our discussion on Flight modes, talking about the 3DR/Apm controller’s modes. We also discuss the need for Drone insurance.  We came across a cool article discussing 5 ways to keep you out of the headlines with negative press by doing dumb things with your drones.  We also talk about a new – non-drone related product that we MUST have!


  1. Hi guys, I was waiting for this second flight modes show for quite a few weeks, but it was worth it. I’m using the APM software on a Navio+ / Raspberry Pi combination, that in my opinion, it’s very powerful and full of room to growth for different applications.

    Have you ever tried the “Drift” flight mode? For what I read it seem to be quite useful for aerial filming. What do you thing?

    Awesome podcast !!! Congratulations and thanks for all the good information you share with all of us.

    • Thank you for your comment Jorge. We talked about this in Episode 45. Please feel free to rate the podcast in Itunes if you like!
      Thank you
      -Erick and Joe

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