MRP #042 | On Set Shooting A Soccer Documentary | What Can a Drone Really See? | RC Hobbies and More Makes Fox News | The Immersion Vortex – First Look | Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K – First Look | Outputting FPV Video on Zenmuse-GH4 When Shooting 4K

This week we discuss a shoot we recently completed for a soccer documentary on Sir Stanley Matthews (WIKI), who was a very famous soccer legend. This was a larger budget production with lots of crew and coordinating.  The director was used to doing things in a more traditional manner and after seeing the quality of the footage as well as the angles that we could get with a multicopter, he said that it added a whole new element that he would love to incorporate into future projects.

We also discuss a topic that has been pretty hot lately; what can drones really see?  The results are not as detailed as many hype about in the media. Check out this article/study and you can see for yourself, click HERE

We give you a first look this week on three new and very cool products; the ImmersionRC Vortex FPV quad, KDE Direct’s new folding blades and the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K.


  • Yuneec receives a $60 million investment from Intel Capital…. See the the video below.

RC Hobbies and More makes FOXCT news – A New Sport Takes Off In Winsted.  A big shout out to Erwin, Petr and everyone who helped kick off the FPV racing sport here in Connecticut.  For more information on RC Hobbies and More, click HERE





  • ImmersionRC Vortex – Out of the box FPV supermachine comes with features like folding arms, integrated OSD and much more…


When shooting using a GH4 and a Zenmuse gimbal at 4K, you might have a hard time getting the FPV video signal out of the gimbal.  It works fine at 1080 but when you switch to 4K, the FPV monitor goes blank.  To fix this you must change the video out on the camera to output in 1080.  It defaults to AUTO and the Zenmuse requires 1080.





  1. Wayne from Edmonton Canada

    Hello fellows

    Just dropping you a quick note to say that I really appreciate the work you put into the podcast, always look forward to a new episode and as a matter of fact I have gone back and listened to every episode since you started.

    I know you have mentioned a few times in various episodes on the role vibration plays in the overall stability of a multirotor whether it be from the props, motors or frame design.

    Just like to throw out as a suggestion for a possible future podcast segment; “Frame design and selection”, what to look for (if we are building are own, kit form) to minimize flex and vibrations.

    I’m having a heck of time deciding on what to get for a 650 Hex (+-) class of frame there is just so much out there to choose from. I’ve spent a great deal of time on the various forums trying to get a handle on this but the opinions vary widely and a lot of the times the suggestions seem to be swayed more by aesthetics or marketing than common sense or sound design principals.

    Anyway hope you can fit some tips or suggestions concerning frame selection.

    Keep up the great work, you guys really fill a void with the information you present when it comes down to serious talk concerning the multirotor industry.


  2. Just listened to your initial review of the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K. I have one for testing purposes and want to point out that while you may have been able to set it up and fly right out of the box, my experience was that it flew crazy on me until I calibrated the compass. I had a feeling I should’ve done that anyway but thought I’d just go for it. That being said, new drones should always be calibrated before initial flight no matter what. I know you guys know that, just words of advice for others.

    And very briefly, I’m not brand loyal. I go with whatever works. I reeeeally wanted to like the Yuneec and I reeeeally don’t. At least not after flying with the Inspire and even the Phantom. The plastic feels cheap, the construction feels cheap, it doesn’t fly as confidently, I think it’s ridiculous that you need 8 (count ’em…8!) AA batteries for the handheld gimbal…I don’t want to trash the company. I look forward to their future products but DJI really has set the bar very high.

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