MRP #044 | Movie Shoot – Lots of Locations – Rough Seas – And Seals! | Business Advice – Items to Consider For Your Contracts | Apple is Selling Drones? | Big Fines For Interfering With Fire and Emergency Operations

What a week!  We just returned from a very long shoot with a lot to talk about. We have plenty of advice from this shoot that you might want to consider as things to incorporate into your contracts to make things better for you, your business and your clients.
Additionally, we just found out that Apple is starting to sell the DJI Phantom 3 Drones in thier stores and online.



  1. Were you aware that many of the areas of Cape Cod are in the U.S. National parks. They are all no fly zones. It sounds like you were filming in Momamoy national wild life refuge(in a on fly zone). I have to deal with this problem each time I fly. I have been threatened with arrest for flying in their airspace. You stress safety and responsibility but you should remind your listeners that these are the rules. It sucks for me when I hear of people breaking the rules and leaving me to take the crap from the park rangers.

    • Hi Frank

      We flew at 9 different locations on the Cape and all but two were public or private areas with full permission to fly. The production company secured a permit two fly at two locations, Momamoy and a light house, however we never made it to Momamoy because of the Fog so we ended up at a private beach and flew with land owner and municipality’s permission. In our contact we state that we will not fly in any areas designated “no fly zone” by the FAA, state or local government and any production company is required to get a permit and provide to us along with a contact at the local police/ranger department so we can clear it ahead of time. We dont take these issues lightly, trust me. We know what you mean about having to pay the price for people who break the rules.

      Thank you for your comment and we will be sure to clarify.

  2. Tons of great info in this podcast guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to share you experiences. Your contribution to the community is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you Dan. Please keep spreading the word about the podcast – we are doing all we can to keep it growing.
      -Erick & Joe

  3. Very smart section of your podcast to bring up contracts. I got pissed when I heard the part about the guy asking you if he gets a discount if he doesn’t like some of the shots. That is total BS!!! As the drone company you’re responsible for showing up with the gear, knowing what you’re doing, and flying responsibly. It is 100% the responsibility of the director and/or DP to manage the actual shots and determine that they’re getting what they want. Period. And both parties accept the inherent risk that comes with defying gravity by throwing a bunch of electronics up into the air and hoping they perform as expected. In my opinion, having a backup copter is fully meeting your responsibility. As far as contracts are concerned, I always include a statement indicating that I reserve the right to modify or halt operations if I feel there is any risk to property or people. I also specify exactly what I’ll be bringing including how many batteries, the approximate flight time, and that production is responsible for supplying necessary power to recharge.

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