MRP #045 | SONY A7S Mark II and A7R Mark II | DJI X7 Series of Cameras | FPV Naze 32 Gain Tuning and Data Logging | Listener’s Comments

This week Joe is very excited about the new Sony A7s and A7r Mark II line of cameras.  As a professional photographer there is not one better to give you an honest opinion of new camera technology.  DJI also annouced the release of the new X5 line of cameras that are designed to be a direct fit for the Inspire One. We talk about the Naze 32 and benefits of gain tuning and using the data logger to help with this process.

We also have a ton of comments from the website that we have been going through, so we took a few moments to share some with our listeners.



  1. Hey guys,

    loved this show I was definitely thinking “what could be next?”…. I feel like Im ahead of the curve after listening.


  2. Hi Guys.

    Don’t know why are you depends so much on inspire 1 since it does not have redundancy in case of motor failure.
    When you crash inspire with new x5 gimbal on somebody head it will be very expensive in comparison with hexa or octo multirotor….

    I think that safety should come first!


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