MRP #046 | New Team Member – Howard Smith | Problems and Solutions Flying the Inspire with Two People | New DJI Waypoint Capability | Reader Comments

This week we talk about a new member of our aerial company team, Howard Smith. He has a very impressive IMDB record with a host of big budget movies under his belt as steady cam operator and director of photography (DP); films the The Matrix Reloaded and Men in Black 3 to name a couple. View his IMDB here:  Joe and Howard flew a very famous mansion in Connecticut last week and Joe talks about all the new things he learned flying with someone who has turned running a camera into an artform.  We also discuss the new Waypoint feature of the DJI Inspire and Phantom 3.



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  1. If I shared my thoughts about the Inspire, I’d say the exact same things you guys did in this episode. I put about $12,000+ into a Cinestar 8 setup a couple years ago and used it on movies, commercials, real estate, TV, etc. Just sold it all (radios, chargers, batteries, the rig, groundstation…everything but the camera and the kitchen sink) for $4,500 and am relieved because I thought I’d be stuck with it forever. Still a great machine, but a dinosaur by today’s standards and the prep before every job was so long and stressful and so many cases! The Inspire is a dream in comparison and far more technologically advanced.

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