MRP #057 | Why It’s Never Been Easier To Get Into Drones | More FAA Registration Talk | Possible Airline Drone Bans | Basic For Beginners | Start a Business Part 5 – Business Ideas

UPDATED!! – This week we talk about why it has never been easier to get into flying Drones as a hobby.  We talk about possible continued airline bans for Drones on carry-on or checked.  We have a list of basics that every beginner should know, especially with the massive amounts of multirotors that have been sold for this holiday season. Lastly, we have Part 5 of Erick’s multi-part business segment where we talk about different business ideas that you can start with your drone.

NOTE: Episode 55 was uploaded in place of Episode 57 by accident – this has been corrected


  1. After listening to the last episode I thought a segment you could do- Why don’t you do a Check List for Pre-flight?

  2. The audio is for episode 55 (Dec 15), not episode 57. Whether trying to listen to it through my Android app, downloading it from the link above, or playing it through the controls above, I get episode 55, not 57.

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