DVP #063 | New Podcast Name | New Podcast Website | 5 Tips To Survive Winter Flying

Yes you are listening to the correct podcast… we have changed the name to The DroneVibes Podcast.   The podcast format is going to change… rather than one 60 minute episode per week, we are going to be releasing two 30 minute podcast episodes per week.  We will be expanding topics that we cover as well as guests and co-hosts on each episode.  Additionally, we will have written articles that support our feature segments that you can read on www.dronevibes.com.

This week Petr Hejl joins in and talks about his top 5 Tips for surviving winter flying.  Beat the cold for, pilot, machine and photo/video quality.  You can read Petr’s article by clicking here: DroneVibes – 5 Tips for flying drones in the winter



  1. Hi, just found you off of Facebook and listen to the first plus your last cast. Just wish I hand know about you when you first started, but well catch up with your early podcast. I’m an older RC hobbyist started back in the 70’s while in the service but still learning about this great hobby. Thanks for the show, your new listener Rick Meuse N1HID also into ham radio

  2. I could really use a feature in your podcast that keeps up to date with the latest state of the art technology in FPV racing; specifically in the power output arena. Thanks for considering my input! 🙂

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