DVP #069 | Crowd-Funded Drones – Where Are They Now? | Ted Talks – Autonomous Drones | You Can Shoot Some Amazing Aerial Panoramic Photos – Petr Tells You How

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most popular crowdfunding platforms on the internet.  They are places where a company with an idea can get monetary support from around the world.  There have been many campaigns on Kickstarter for drones and this week we talk about the off the highest grossing and most controversial.   Where are they now?  How does the technology compare now as to when they were first launched?  We talk about the good and the bad.

Ted Talks is a very cool tech show and this week they had a feature on the future of technology as it pertains to autonomous drones.  Check out the article and video HERE  http://www.dronevibes.com/2016/02/20/meet-the-dazzling-flying-machines-of-the-future/

Petr tells you how YOU can start shooting some amazing panoramics with your drone. Get some cool shots like this today!


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