DVP #073 | Interview with World Drone Prix Second Place Finalist, Brian Morris (BrainDrain) | Brian Shares the CAD File For His Winning Drone

Drone Vibes Podcast - Brian Morris Interview

This episode we have a special interview with Brian Morris (BrainDrain), who came in second place at the World Drone Prix held in Dubai March 2016. Brian shares with us, his experiences, the race, the other pilots and basically anything else we could squeeze out of him during the interview.  An interesting fact was that Brian and his team made the drones that he was flying on site in his hotel/apartment that he used for the races.

Brian was kind enough to share the CAD file, which was designed in Sketchup (www.sketchup.com), of the copter that he raced with. You can download a copy of Sketchup Make for free and using a CNC or asking a friend who has a CNC, you can make the exact frame that Brian (BrainDrain) used.  To download the file click (DOWNLOAD DRONE CAD FILE)