DVP #081 | Tips On Flying Multiple DJI Phantoms | Interview With RCUniverse.com’s Nathan Maat | Discussion Of Traxxas Aton Drone | Visual Vertigo VR Headset

Nathan Maat Content Director RCUniverse.com

Nathan Maat
Content Director

This episode Petr talks about flying at the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard in Staten Island, NY with a couple friends and he discovered some issues when flying multiple DJI Phantom drones in the same vicinity which causes video downlink interruption. Also in this episode we have an interview with

RCUniverse.com Content Director, Nathan Maat.  Nathan talks about a review he is doing on the new Traxxas Aton drone.  Lastly, we discuss a virtual reality 3D system that Petr got from Visual Vertigo.


Traxxas Aton - DroneVibes Podcast

Traxxas Aton