Podcast Episodes

MRP #006 : All About LiPo Batteries | Lumenier QAV 250 | X Aircraft Super X Flight Controller | DJI Lightbridge | RC Technik Sticks For The Futaba 14SG

In this episode, based on a listener’s request, we have an in depth discussion on LiPo batteries for multirotors. We talk about everything from what they are and how to properly and safely use them, to charging, storage and disposal. This discussion is a must for anyone just getting into multirotors. We discussed some great new products that we are ... Read More »

MRP #005 : SPECIAL EPISODE – Getting Started in Multirotors, UAVs and Yes, Even Hobby Drones

This special episode is in response to a reader email asking us for a crash course in getting into multirotors.  So we listened and spent and hour talking about everything from safety to the best first machines all the way up to setting up a copter for aerial camera use.  Please enjoy and as always email us with any questions ... Read More »

MRP #004 : Visit to UAVDirect.com | Sky Hero Spyder and Sky |Gene Robinson Interview | FPV and GoPro | Zero Tech Copters and Flight Controllers

This week on the Multirotor Podcast, Joe talks about his visit to UAVDirect.com in Texas.  He spent 4 days working with them and learning about the Zero Tech line of multirotors and flight controllers. Erick is pretty excited about the new Sky Hero Spyder and Spy multirotors that he recieved for review.  They talk about setting up the Sky Hero ... Read More »

MRP #003 : All About FPV | DJI Vision 2+ | Hobby King Rotorbits | Preventing Fly-Aways | Maintaining Orientation

This week on the Multirotor Podcast, Erick and Joe talk about FPV and all the equipment that you need to do it correctly. There are a lot of questions that noobs have pertaining to cameras, antennas, video transmitters, monitors and more.  They go over everything you need to know to get started as well as discuss advanced topics for your ... Read More »

MRP #002: Flying Fun With Kids | DJI Ground Station | Blade 350 QX | Telemetry | GPS Tracking | Prop Balancing

This week on the MultiRotor Podcast Joe and Erick talk about flying with Erick’s kids and their experiences with the DJI Ground Station. Erick’s daughter, Abby, is 8 years old and after spending 15-20 minutes with Joe, she was able to successfully program the Ground Station flight after flight proving that the application is as easy as it is intutive. ... Read More »

MRP #001: Introduction | Sky Hero | DJI LightBridge | Flying in Wind | Eliminate the Props Using a GoPro

Welcome to the first episode of the MultiRotor Podcast.  In this episode you are introduced to your show hosts, Erick Royer and Joe Papa. Erick is the Executive Editor for Maplegate Media Group managing Fly RC, RC Heli Pilot and the new Multirotor Pilot magazines. He has 25 years experience in the hobby, 15 professionally. He was the Business Development ... Read More »