Dronevibes.com – World’s Premiere Drone Community is Here!!

As your trusted podcaster here – Erick Royer- I am very proud to announce, as the a co-founder, the launch of the World’s Premiere Online Community – DRONEVIBES.com!

The developers, sales and marketing pros, community leaders and all around great guys who gave birth to RCUniverse.com and turned it into the world’s most interactive site on the internet for the radio control community have banded together once again to make something great – a community to everything Drone-related.

This is not a general radio control hobby site that has some small sections dedicated to drones… This is a site that is ALL ABOUT drones and nothing but!  The site will be packed with expert articles, news, videos, newbie help galore, and what will become the most interactive and helpful community on the planet!   Please stop over and register at www.dronevibes.com today – its FREE!

I will be available on the site every day (as well as many other well-known industry experts) to answer any questions that you may have related to our podcasts or anything else drone-related. You can also stop over and make suggestions about what you would like to hear in  future episodes – from beginner content to drone racing, FPV or aerial photography.  The best part about DroneVibes.com is that it is YOUR community.  You can freely post comments, opinions or even reviews of products that you can’t live without.

Be a part of something great!

Come hang out with us on  www.dronevibes.com today!

DroneVibes.com Community


  1. Above, you say to register at dronevibes.com but there is nowhere to register.

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