MRP #018 | New Podcast Format | Proper ESC Wiring and Placement | Hubsan X4 Pro | Interview with Hobbico’s Gordon Cockburn | Compass Calibration | Magnetic Declination | Capturing Small Subjects In Flight

Are you ready for an exciting episode? This week launches some new changes in our format.  With the overwhelming popularity of The Multirotor Podcast, coupled with the hundreds of emails that pour though our inbox, we had to look for some help to keep the podcast growing and to delivery more and more multirotor content to you each and every ... Read More »

MRP #017 |FAA’s Proposed Regulations for UAS Discussion in Detail | Flying Niagra Falls with a Blade 350 QX3

On sunday February 15, 2015, the FAA called a special meeting to discuss the new Proposed regulations for UAS. The 74 page document was released later that day and it contained a summary of the highlights which we discuss in detail with the help of special guest Petr Hejl. These new proposed regulations mark a turning point for our industry ... Read More »

MRP #016 | Practice With A Purpose | Visit to Hobbico | Interview With Art Pesch | New Hubsan Quad.m4a

We are live from the road. Our Trip to Champaign, IL brought us to Hobbico where we met some amazing people and got to see some very cool products.  In this episode we interview Art Pesch, the man in charge of Hobbico’s service and support center. Additionally we got to see their newest quad co-developed with Hubsan.  We round off ... Read More »

MRP #015: Drone Vibes App | KDE Multirotor Motors | Gaui 1300mm Octocopter | Gaui 950mm X8 Quad | RC Sense E-Fuel Gauge Telemetry Sensor

Santa delivered this year and under the Multirotor Podcast tree; new high-end microphones and a new digital recorder. This episode is recorded with our new gear and hopfully you agree that the audio quality is signficantly better.  This week we talk about our new app which was just released…Drone Vibes.  The app was designed to help you minimize the vibration ... Read More »

MRP #014: Keeping Skills Sharp | 3D Printing and CNC | Interview with Markus Wedel from Stepcraft | Proto-X FPV | MB Epic Mini 280 | Transporting Your Gear | Folding Props

In this episode we talk about how to keep your skills sharp during the cold winter months or when you simply can not get outside to fly. Two common methods we use are Real Flight 7.5 flight simulator and using Micro and mini quads that can be flown indoors. We discuss how we use 3D printing as well as CNC ... Read More »

MRP #013: More Discussion About The FAA | DJI Responds With a New A2 Firmware Update | Our Interview With’s Petr Hejl | DJI Inspire | Hitec Q-Cop 450 | Tips on Flying In the Cold | Wiring Up The IOSD Mini

This is a very exciting episode for us as we are featuring our first interview.  Our good friend Petr Hejl from joins us to discuss his business, how he got started in the hobby/industry and he shares his tip and advice for fellow Multirotor pilots.  In addtion we talk more about some of the latest headines in the news ... Read More »

MRP #012: SPECIAL UPDATE on DJI A2 Firmware Release 2.4 and Assistant Version 1.4 – Listen Before Installing

PLEASE LISTEN BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW A2 Firmware – Current as of November 13, 2014 When we test flew the new Gaui MRT 1300mm Octocopter with the new release of DJI’s A2 firmware we noticed two REAL problems: The motor startup speed was very aggressive and even when turned down all the way in DJI’s Assistant software, the startup speed ... Read More »

MRP #011 : Motors Props and ESCs | DJI A2 Firmware Update | GoPro Hero 4 on DJI H3-2D | MultirotorBuilders Epic Mini Quad | Gaui MRT 1300 Octocopter | Flying in the Wind

In this episode, Joe and Erick talk about DJI’s new A2 flight controller firmware with a lot of new exciting features. They discovered the the new GoPro Hero 4 will not pass the video signal through the DJI H3-2D 2-axis gimbal.  The main feature of the show is about prop, motor, esc and battery selection. They discuss a new FPV ... Read More »

MRP #010 : Shooting BMW Commercial | DJI Ronin | Understanding Vantage Points | Using Spotters | Knowing Your Limits | OSD and Telemetry | Retracts vs. Crablegs

In this episode Joe and Erick talk about the stresses and challenges of a large, high-end production shoot for a BMW commercial. They get into specific details about understanding your limits as a pilot and how to convey them to the director/client. They also talk about picking the best vantage points and using spotters. Joe recently reviewed the new DJI ... Read More »

MRP #009 : Joe’s Trip to St. Lucia for a Red Epic Shoot | DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter | DJI H3-3D Gimbal | FlySight FPV Combo | Flight Simulators | Flying over water

Joe and Erick discuss the new direction of the show and how it will benefit the listeners. Joe went to St. Lucia to shoot a large infomercial for a resort with a Red Epic camera. They review the Phantom 2 from DJI along with the H3-3D Brushless Gimbal for the the GoPro Hero 3.  They discuss tip on flying over ... Read More »