DVP #076 | Weak Signals Show In Toledo, OH Coverage Part 1 | Interview With Horizon Hobby and Robart, Inc. | 5 Tips For Successful Real Estate Photography

The Weak Signals Show is the largest Radio Control Hobby Show in the United States that is dedicated to flying RC models.  In this episode we share interviews with Horizon Hobby and Robart, Inc.  Both companies talk about some exciting new products that they are releasing in the upcoming months. Horizon Hobby’s Blade line is releasing a new and improved ... Read More »

DVP #075 | More Questions Answered… | ND Filters – Why You Need Them and How To Use Them

This episode Petr and Erick answer more listener and website visit questions as well as having an in-depth discussion on ND filters and how they can help improve your video quality. Read More »

DVP #074 | More Talk About the Phantom 4 – Pros and Cons | Listener Q&A’s | Petr Got His Section 333 – He Discusses the Process

This Episode, Petr talks more about the Phantom 4 after having used it for a couple weeks.  He talks about the Camera, stability, Tap and Fly and Visual Tracking and some bugs that he discovered. We answer some questions from listeners about the Phantom 4 and making money with drones. Lastly, we discuss Petr’s recent granting of his Section 333. ... Read More »

DVP #073 | Interview with World Drone Prix Second Place Finalist, Brian Morris (BrainDrain) | Brian Shares the CAD File For His Winning Drone

Drone Vibes Podcast - Brian Morris Interview

This episode we have a special interview with Brian Morris (BrainDrain), who came in second place at the World Drone Prix held in Dubai March 2016. Brian shares with us, his experiences, the race, the other pilots and basically anything else we could squeeze out of him during the interview.  An interesting fact was that Brian and his team made ... Read More »

DVP #072 | DJI Phantom 4 – First Look | Questions From Listeners | Drone Business Tips – Selling Your Photos

This week, Petr gives you his “first look” of the new DJI Phantom 4 which a friend of his just received.  From what Petr says, it sounds like a pretty amazing machine, especially for beginners. We also answer some questions from our listeners this week about: Tips on night exposure photography Editing GoPro Footage in Final Cut Pro We also ... Read More »

DVP #071 (revised audio)| Interview With Zak Johns From UnrealWorx | Custom Drones For All Types Of Specialized Applications | CNC and Drones – Tricks for Cutting Carbon Fiber and G10

This week we have a special segment for you; an interview with Zak Johns from UnrealWrox (www.unrealworx.com). Zak is an accomplished drone and RC pilot that got his first job flying UAVs for the government when he was just 13 years old.  Zak as built quite the business as a government contractor and building custom drones for a wide variety ... Read More »

DVP #070 | World Drone Prix – $1 Million Purse in Dubai | Ford CEO Talks About Potential Partnership With DJI | NYC Drone Film Festival

History is being made as this episode goes live. The World Drone Prix (www.worlddroneprix.com) is taking place in Dubai with a total prize purse of $1 million dollars. It will start off with 150 teams from around the world and be paired down to 32 teams after qualifiers.  The main event will take place on March 11 and 12.  Be ... Read More »

DVP #069 | Crowd-Funded Drones – Where Are They Now? | Ted Talks – Autonomous Drones | You Can Shoot Some Amazing Aerial Panoramic Photos – Petr Tells You How

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most popular crowdfunding platforms on the internet.  They are places where a company with an idea can get monetary support from around the world.  There have been many campaigns on Kickstarter for drones and this week we talk about the off the highest grossing and most controversial.   Where are they now?  How ... Read More »

DVP #068 | DJI Introduces The New Phantom 4 | Getting Started With FPV Flying – Blade FPV Nano QX – Great First Machine | What are HDR Photos and Why Do You Need Them

This episode we talk about the new DJI Phantom 4 that was just announced on March 1.  It has some pretty awesome new features.  For more information on it, please click HERE We also discuss the Blade FPV Nano QX and why it is such a great first FPV copter. For more information on the Blade FPV Nano QX visit: http://www.bladehelis.com/Search/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=bnqxfpv ... Read More »

DVP #067 | WRAM Show Interview With The FPV Racing Gurus From Safety Third Racing in NJ

I had the great pleasure to meet and spend time with Frank, Fed and the rest of the team at Safety Third Racing, an FPV racing club based in New Jersey.  In my interview with them, they talk about what their club is all about, beginner tips, the FAA and the future of FPV racing.   To find out more ... Read More »