DVP #066 | FAA Deadline – Did You Register | 5 Tips for Long Exposure Night Photography | New DJI Phantom 4 Expected To Be Announced on March 1st

Good News!  We are back to our normal format with news, tech tips and more… This episode we talk about the FAA registration deadline – Did you register?  If not, you should click here Petr talks about an article he wrote along with some helpful videos talking about 5 Tips for Long Exposure Night Photography.  Please read the article HERE ... Read More »

DVP #065 | Powervision Robot “Power Egg” Drone

This week we discuss the new Power Egg Drone from Powervision Robot, Inc.  You can read the article on it here: http://www.dronevibes.com/2016/02/12/656/   Read More »

DVP #063 | New Podcast Name | New Podcast Website | 5 Tips To Survive Winter Flying

Yes you are listening to the correct podcast… we have changed the name to The DroneVibes Podcast.   The podcast format is going to change… rather than one 60 minute episode per week, we are going to be releasing two 30 minute podcast episodes per week.  We will be expanding topics that we cover as well as guests and co-hosts ... Read More »

MRP #062 | Review of the Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer | Petr Hejl Joins In To Talk About Long Exposure Hyperlapse Videos | Intro To DroneVibes.com – The World’s Premiere Drone Website

This week we review the Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer. This is one of the coolest little FPV quads that we have gotten our hands on. It is perfect for a beginner with the capability to grow with you as your skills progress. Petr Hejl joins in again to talk about Long Exposure Hyperlapse videos.  What is that?  Well check ... Read More »

Dronevibes.com – World’s Premiere Drone Community is Here!!

DroneVibes.com Community

As your trusted podcaster here – Erick Royer- I am very proud to announce, as the a co-founder, the launch of the World’s Premiere Online Community – DRONEVIBES.com! The developers, sales and marketing pros, community leaders and all around great guys who gave birth to RCUniverse.com and turned it into the world’s most interactive site on the internet for the radio ... Read More »

MRP #061 | Post Production Software | Petr Hejl Talks About A 2500 Person Dronie Shoot for #DStrong | Review Of The New Xiro Explorer Camera Drone

This week we discuss our favorite Post Production software that we use for both Video and Photographs. Petr Hejl talks about a 2500 person dronie shoot he did for #DStrong – Check out the video below We also discuss the new Xiro Explorer Camera Drone http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFTAJ&P=ML #DStrong, 2500 people assemble a giant message of love for Dorian Murray, a famous little ... Read More »

MRP #060 | Blade Chroma 4K Review | Top 6 Drones at CES 2016 | Drones in the news

This week, Erick has a full review of the Blade Chroma 4K machine and they talk about the Top 6 Drones that are making the biggest media splash at CES 2016. Read More »

MRP #059 | Photography Part 2 – Understanding Camera Settings | REVIEW of the HeliMax Voltage 500 3D Aerobatic Quadcopter

This week we dive into Part 2 of our Photography Basics segment and we talk about camera settings and how best to adjust them no matter which camera platform you are using to obtain the best quality results. We also have a full review of the Helimax Voltage 500 3D aerobatic Quadcopter. Read More »

MRP #058 | Battery Basics for Newbies | Photography Primer Part 1 – Choosing Your Subject and Photo Composition BasicsMRP #058 | Battery Basics for Newbies | Photography Primer Part 1 – Choosing Your Subject and Photo Composition Basics

This week we answer a comment/question from a listener about proper care and use of batteries for a beginner who just got his first multirotor, a Blade Chroma.  We talk about RTF copters and the batteries and chargers that they come with as part of the system as well as knowing the best time to land and prevention of over ... Read More »

MRP #057 | Why It’s Never Been Easier To Get Into Drones | More FAA Registration Talk | Possible Airline Drone Bans | Basic For Beginners | Start a Business Part 5 – Business Ideas

UPDATED!! – This week we talk about why it has never been easier to get into flying Drones as a hobby.  We talk about possible continued airline bans for Drones on carry-on or checked.  We have a list of basics that every beginner should know, especially with the massive amounts of multirotors that have been sold for this holiday season. ... Read More »