MRP #038 | Flying From A Boat in NYC | Teaching a Newbie FPV Racing | Beginner’s Guide To Getting Into FPV Racing

Joe worked with our friend Petr on a job in New York City where they were flying from a Yacht around the city and near the Statue Of Liberty.  They got some amazing shots while battling seasickness :-).   Joe talks about some of the things to be aware of when you fly from the water.   He also talks ... Read More »

MRP #037 |Guy Who Mounted Handgun To Drone | Decision Time – DJI S1000 Vs Gaui MRT 950 | Simple Battery Trick | Lumenier Race Band Video TX from GetFPV

This week a hot topic all over the news and social media was the Connecticut teen who was known for getting attacked by a woman at the beach last year for flying his drone, has now mounted a handgun to a drone and released a YouTube video showing it successfully firing.  This caused a major uproar within our industry and ... Read More »

MRP #036 | The Tools Of The Trade – Best Tools To Have On Your Bench And On The Road | Graupner’s HoTT Race Copter Alpha 250 RTF Race Quad

This week, we discuss the tools of the trade.  There are tools that are a requirement for both the shop and to take on the road.  We get into our favorites and why.  We also discsuss an awesome new RTF race quad, the Graupner HoTT Race Quad Alpha 250.   Read More »

MRP #035 | Joe Talks About Flying At St. Andrews Golf Course In New York With Petr | Why Choose X8 Over Hexcopter | Getting Paid on Jobs | Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontoller

Joe just got back from flying a very involved promo video with Petr Hejl at St. Andrews Golf Course in New York.  This is a very exclusive golf club with a very large budget for promotion. They spent two days  on set and Joe talks about the experience and some of the challenges and successes that they had  on this ... Read More »

MRP #034 | The Moves That Impress – We Talk About All Of The Common Flight and Camera Maneuvers That We Use on Set and On Jobs

We get asked all the time about the different maneuvers that we use on set.  Many companies will not openly share this information because it can be considered the “Secret Sauce” for their aerial business.  We are all about promoting the growth and expansion of this industry and we want to help new (and advanced) pilots as much as possible. ... Read More »

MRP #033 | Your Questions Answered – We Address Comments and Quesitons From The Website

We get tons of email from our listeners and we dedicated this episode to answering them live on the air.  There’s a lot of good information packed into this episode. Read More »

MRP #032 | FPV Race At RC Hobbies and More In Winsted, CT | More Talk About Business | Connex HD Video Transmission System | Graupner Race Copter Alpha 250

In this podcast we discuss the FPV Race that took place in Winsted, CT at RC Hobbies and More this past weekend.  The turnout was good and the event was a lot of fun… A glimpse into the future of locally sponsored FPV racing.  We also took some time to answer a listeners comments about Episode 30 where we discussed ... Read More »

MRP #031| Choosing the Correct LiPo Battery | Battery Formulas | Interview with Empire RC’s Jack Burnside | DJI Matrice | Cinegear Show

We get a lot of quesitons about choosing the correct size LiPo battery for your multirotor so we decided to spend some time discussing this critical topic.   We also had the pleasure of having Empire Hobby’s owner, Jack Burnside join us on a call to talk about the recent show he attended, Cinegear as well as discuss the new ... Read More »

MRP #030 | Getting Into Business as an Aerial Filmmaker | Immersion RC Vortex | Gaui 950H | Interview With Empire Hobby’s Scott Ponder | The New Blade Chroma | GoPro Machine Recommendations

Based on an email from a listener, our feature segment is about starting a business flying multirotors for aerial photos and video. We discuss safety, professionalism, training, machines and more.  We also had Scott Ponder on  from Empire Hobby to discuss the new Immersion RC Vortex FPV mini quad and the new Gaui 950H Hexcopter.  We also talk about a ... Read More »

MRP #029 | Q&A Episode | Gimbal Upgrade | Flying for Tower Inspections | Flying at High Altitudes | Best System for Aerial Inspections | Long Range TX and Video | Best Ronin Gimbal Mounting Solution

We are dedicating this week’s show to answering some questions that we have received.  We have our first call-in question who was talking about upgrading from a 2-axis to a 3-axis gimbal as well as different aerial platforms, such as the new 3DR Solo. Another gentleman was asking about flying for large tower inspections.  We discussed a lot of items ... Read More »