MRP #004 : Visit to | Sky Hero Spyder and Sky |Gene Robinson Interview | FPV and GoPro | Zero Tech Copters and Flight Controllers

This week on the Multirotor Podcast, Joe talks about his visit to in Texas.  He spent 4 days working with them and learning about the Zero Tech line of multirotors and flight controllers. Erick is pretty excited about the new Sky Hero Spyder and Spy multirotors that he recieved for review.  They talk about setting up the Sky Hero machines and how they fly and some minor things to be aware of when you are assembling one. Joe also had the privlidge of interviewing Gene Robinson who runs a non-profit company that does search and rescue missions with various type of camera-equipped aircraft.  Gene talks about his current lawsuit that he is involved in with the FAA.

This weeks TIP OF THE WEEK is brought to you by  Joe talks about the benefits of setting up a dial on your transmitter to asjust remote gains.

This week’s questions talk about the need for using an FPV camera in addition to a GoPro, or simply just using the video out from the GoPro to feed FPV signal, DJI Naza-M driftng after a crash, and whether or not  you need high-discharge LiPos for multirotors.

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  1. Charlie Kennedy

    Loving the show way over here in Glasgow Scotland. Very informative, like everyone else I couldn’t wait for the next edition & with the lull inbetween 3 & 4 I was besides myself 🙂 thanks for making a great show.

  2. Another reason people use a different separate FPV camera from the GoPro is the Lag a GoPro video out feed can give.

    Enjoying the show each week


  3. Love this show. This weeks tip was right on time as I start to build a T810.

    • That is awesome Adrain. Thank you for the support. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to talk about. Tell your friends about us! 🙂 – Erick

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