MRP #011 : Motors Props and ESCs | DJI A2 Firmware Update | GoPro Hero 4 on DJI H3-2D | MultirotorBuilders Epic Mini Quad | Gaui MRT 1300 Octocopter | Flying in the Wind

In this episode, Joe and Erick talk about DJI’s new A2 flight controller firmware with a lot of new exciting features. They discovered the the new GoPro Hero 4 will not pass the video signal through the DJI H3-2D 2-axis gimbal. ┬áThe main feature of the show is about prop, motor, esc and battery selection. They discuss a new FPV quad from Multirotor Builders called the MB Epic Mini and the new huge 1300mm Octo from Gaui-MRT. ┬áThe Tip of the week is about flying in the wind and they answer questions this week about hobby shops and should they have to do more to promote safe flying as well as a question about flying for profit despite the FAA.


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