MRP #062 | Review of the Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer | Petr Hejl Joins In To Talk About Long Exposure Hyperlapse Videos | Intro To – The World’s Premiere Drone Website

This week we review the Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer. This is one of the coolest little FPV quads that we have gotten our hands on. It is perfect for a beginner with the capability to grow with you as your skills progress.


Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer

Petr Hejl joins in again to talk about Long Exposure Hyperlapse videos.  What is that?  Well check out the video below and have a listen to the podcast for tips and trick on how to accomplish this amazing style of video.

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  1. Hey, i just wanted to comment with my experiences with the mach 25. I got it a couple of months ago as my first “racing class” FPV quad (250 size), and I love it a lot…However, just a couple things I think are missing from it. The biggest thing missing is an easy place to mount a gopro or mobius so I can record flights with decent video quality. Second issue I have with it, is the limited range of he VA2500 spektrum FPV camera.
    Lastly, my mach 25 is currently grounded because I lost a motor, and it appears the the motors have been on back order for a while from horizon. In addition to having to purchase a new motor, I will have to buy motor mounts, and the prop adapters (prop adapters are also on back order). I am just hoping these parts come in soon as I would like to be able to fly the mach 25 again. I since have purchased a Vortex 285 and an Eachine 250…I love them both, but I enjoyed the more relaxing feel I got flying the Mach. (And in some instances the Mach 25 felt a little faster to me).
    Thanks for your great podcast.


  2. Great review, I really like it. You have interesting guests!

  3. I’ve got a few comments from earlier podcasts – thought I’d just post them all at once here at the latest one. Apologies if you already mentioned these first few and I missed them…

    1) ND filters. As a cinematographer I much prefer to pick and choose fixed ND filters but I recently got a variable ND filter for the Inspire and it’s fantastic! One filter, dial in the amount of filtration right on the lens (on the filter, actually), done. And it was only $20 on Amazon! Supposedly one downside is that if you dial in too much ND the image can take on a purplish hue, but this is supposed to be up in the range of ND200 and above which is WAY more than I would ever dial in anyway. I think the filter I got goes up to ND400 which is silly.

    2) You talked about graduated ND filters. Great for scenes just like you mentioned but for people who don’t know about these filters, you should clarify that they’re not good for video where the horizon changes, which it does with aerials all the time, because that fixed graduated line will surely cross parts of the image you don’t want it to.

    3) My FAA rant. First of all I find it positively ignorant that the FAA is coming down hardest on people who fly for commercial purposes. Those are the ones who have the most to lose (significant investment in equipment, reputation, repeat business and referrals, safety of talent and property, etc.) and therefore the most to gain by being as safe as possible. Additionally, a lot of us carry insurance. But what really chapped my ass is when I heard you reporting about the FAA going after the person who all of a sudden fell under the ‘commercial’ category because he placed a drone-related ad. What the F*** right does the FAA have to stick their nose in commerce?? Their business is safety of the national airspace, not whether someone is making a buck. They should be fined the amount they’re collecting with drone registration for stepping outside the bounds of their jurisdiction and sticking their noses where they clearly don’t belong.

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