MRP #047 | Petr and Erick Won The 2015 Drone Expo and Film Festival in Nantes, France | Interview with Petr Hejl | FPV Optimal Battery Position | Turning GPS Off When Flying Indoors | Issue With The Inspire’s Waypoints

This week we had some big news… Last year when Petr and I shot footage for an Italian documentary on international food up in Boston, we got some footage of harvesting cranberry bogs.  Petr submitted that footage for consideration for the 2015 Drone Expo and Film Festival in Nantes, France ( and we WON for the best film in the ... Read More »

MRP #046 | New Team Member – Howard Smith | Problems and Solutions Flying the Inspire with Two People | New DJI Waypoint Capability | Reader Comments

This week we talk about a new member of our aerial company team, Howard Smith. He has a very impressive IMDB record with a host of big budget movies under his belt as steady cam operator and director of photography (DP); films the The Matrix Reloaded and Men in Black 3 to name a couple. View his IMDB here:  Joe ... Read More »

MRP #045 | SONY A7S Mark II and A7R Mark II | DJI X7 Series of Cameras | FPV Naze 32 Gain Tuning and Data Logging | Listener’s Comments

This week Joe is very excited about the new Sony A7s and A7r Mark II line of cameras.  As a professional photographer there is not one better to give you an honest opinion of new camera technology.  DJI also annouced the release of the new X5 line of cameras that are designed to be a direct fit for the Inspire ... Read More »

MRP #044 | Movie Shoot – Lots of Locations – Rough Seas – And Seals! | Business Advice – Items to Consider For Your Contracts | Apple is Selling Drones? | Big Fines For Interfering With Fire and Emergency Operations

What a week!  We just returned from a very long shoot with a lot to talk about. We have plenty of advice from this shoot that you might want to consider as things to incorporate into your contracts to make things better for you, your business and your clients. Additionally, we just found out that Apple is starting to sell ... Read More »

MRP #043 | Shooting Aerial Footage of Weddings | New GH4 Firmware | First Look at the Sony A7s Camera | Take Your Drone On Vacation – Tips | Yuneec Typhoon G | Long Range FPV | Inspire One Video Loss Tips

We had a lot of ground to cover this week starting off with a discussion regarding the wedding we shot over the weekend and some tips and suggestions to keep in mind if you decide to go after this emerging market. We talk about the new GH4 firmware update as well as the new Sony A7S camera.  This camera proves ... Read More »

MRP #042 | On Set Shooting A Soccer Documentary | What Can a Drone Really See? | RC Hobbies and More Makes Fox News | The Immersion Vortex – First Look | Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K – First Look | Outputting FPV Video on Zenmuse-GH4 When Shooting 4K

This week we discuss a shoot we recently completed for a soccer documentary on Sir Stanley Matthews (WIKI), who was a very famous soccer legend. This was a larger budget production with lots of crew and coordinating.  The director was used to doing things in a more traditional manner and after seeing the quality of the footage as well as ... Read More »

MRP #041 | DJI A2 Firmware Update Issues Affect 2 Person Zenmuse Setups | Higher C Rating Batteries For Race Quads | Snotbot May Help Save Whales | Missing Man Found in 20 Minutes With Drone | New KDE Props and ESCs | Lumenier 180 and 210 Race Quads

This week we spent some time talking about an issue that cropped up with the new DJI A2 firmware update and its affect on the two operator setup with the Zenmuse Z15 gimbal operation.  We also discuss some issues on race quads with lower C rated batteries.  The news was buzzing this week and we covered some interesting headlines including ... Read More »

MRP #040 | Flight Modes Explained Part 2 – APM 3DR Modes | Do You Need Drone Insurance | 5 Ways to Keep Yourself OUT of the Headlines | The Soloshot

This week we continue our discussion on Flight modes, talking about the 3DR/Apm controller’s modes. We also discuss the need for Drone insurance.  We came across a cool article discussing 5 ways to keep you out of the headlines with negative press by doing dumb things with your drones.  We also talk about a new – non-drone related product that ... Read More »

MRP #039 | Man Shoots Drone From Air | New DJI Inspire One Firmware | BaseFlight/CleanFlight | Flight Modes Explained Part 1 | DJI Matrice | Dromida Vista

This week we start off by discussing a big news item where a man was arrested for shooting a drone out of the sky that was flying over his property with a shotgun.  Crazy!  Joe talks about his recent experience with Cleanflight and the new autotune feature.  Dji just released new firmware with a lot of upgrades for the DJI ... Read More »

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Lumenier TX5G25 Mini 25mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter with Raceband

We got our hands on one of the hottest new products to hit the FPV race quad market – the Lumenier TX5G25 Mini 25mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter with Racebands. DESCRIPTION The Lumenier TX5G25 Mini 25mW 5.8GHz 32CH FPV video transmitter is the perfect VTX for FPV racing! The lower 25mW transmission power means more pilots can fly together without overpowering ... Read More »